This year, I was able to join the JV soccer team. This fits in with the category “wellness” because playing sports affects my health positively. During practice and matches, I have to be running a lot. Meaning, my physical wellness will improve. Joining the soccer team won’t only help me with my physical wellness, it also helps with my soccer skills. If I want to stay good at soccer, I have to keep playing soccer which will make me better.

Joining the soccer team gave me a chance to play against other schools and to compete. Because I am a fan of competition, just the fact that I played against other schools improved my mental wellness because I feel satisfied after the matches. However, we lost a lot of our games but there were also some victories and that taught me that you won’t always win in everything. Losing is just a part of living and it’s just how you come back from that loss and the motivation that you get from that loss to win next time is the important┬áthing.

To conclude, joining the soccer team this year was a great decision because it improved my physical and mental wellness.