End Of The Year Reflection (Spanish)

Through out these most valuable times leaning Spanish I think I have developed as a Spanish speaker and as a learner, human. I think that this year, class gave me a lot of opportunities to learn Spanish with my own method which made me a better learner. By learning something with your own way, you tend to remember things better and I guess by the end of the year I figured out what suits me. Every class may be same, taking notes on your notebook and revising them just to get better grades once you get home. But Spanish class was different, yes, sometimes I got off topic with Noa and my fellow classmates however I definitely enjoyed these 3 years learning Spanish. I’ve improved my Spanish skills compared to the first year, and learned a lot of extra things as well. But I think these are what makes Spanish class special.

I am most proud of my passion and my dedication towards Spanish. 6th grade and 7th grade I feel like I was learning Spanish because it was one of the subjects for school, However this year I think I was able to enjoy Spanish and turn it in to a passion and learn with joy rather than learning because it’s mandatory.

I will consider my self as a Spanish speaker. I may be one of the most beginner class Spanish speaking person, but I can have basic conversations and understand broadly what they are saying. What makes me say this is, my conversations with my mom. She’s Peruvian and she speaks that really quick Spanish. But I was able to construct basic sentences with some conjugation errors and able to understand with the vocabulary I know.

If I could restart this year again I would organise my notes a lot more clearly and spend the time a lot more carefully. Thinking back now I think that I could’ve done better by organising myself as a whole. Although my organisation skills have improved, I think that I still wasted time and didn’t use the online text book as much. I write down notes, and never organise them. They’re usually all over the place and I sometimes struggled finding where the specific things were. However towards the end, once I got my new notebook I have organised my notes and realised that it is useful and a lot more easier with notes that are clear and organised.

I think that I have a lot of places to improve to be able to join phase 3 with confidence. And these are the list of things I should be able to do until next year for phase 3.

  1. Conjugation. I think that I am good with present tense, future, simple future and etc. However the problem is past tense. Also it would be great if I could improve to the point where I could conjugate without thinking and being able to talk smoothly with the correct conjugation.
  2. Transitions. Having advanced transitions and being able to connect, explain and talk in depth using transitions would definitely bring my Spanish to a whole new level. I have learned some, however haven’t remembered them yet.
  3. Last but not least, slang or casual Spanish. Such as saying Cómo instead of Qué, or sale vale, or que va. Or just learning entertaining Spanish which we do in class would make me a advanced Spanish speaker but also bring another factor to enjoy Spanish, and learn with passion.

In conclusion, I definitely had a blast and a great time in Spanish class today. I guess that I was consistently thinking of how to enjoy something that’s not what you necessarily want. Rather than thinking about your future, or how you could improve your past I would say that the best thing is to find the joy out of the boringness. School isn’t necessarily the place you would want to be, however finding the parts you can enjoy and learn with passion drastically changes your attitude and your learning speed/skills/advancement. And I guess this is where “Have fun learning” comes in. 🙂

Unit Reflection 3 : Spanish

Overall Unit 3 was fun, I thought that I learned a lot of things and there’s a lot more to improve. New expressions, new types of conjugation and more. It was definitely more advanced than unit 2 or 3 and definitely more entertaining. Since my teacher doesn’t like normal stuff these are some reflection for unit 3 with other ways.

  1. What are 7 ways what you learned is like Harry Potter, Star Wars, or another movie of your choice?                                                                                                                                                       I would say that this was just like the movie “triple X”. There were so many hard things or problems we faced and these are 7 ways I overcame those problems.                                          1. Grouping up with my own friends: I would say that learning Spanish with Noa is one of the funniest thing ever. We make a lot of “weird” jokes with new vocabs and expressions and just having fun in class. We also abuse the certain word so that we remember it well and sometimes our table fellows gets annoyed. In the movie the main character receives this impossible mission. The government gives him a troop but he brings his own friends and completes the mission.                                                                                                                      2. Trying out new things: I think that in class and also just when were doing something Spanish related we try new things and not be afraid. Learning the words we already learnt and creating or just having fun making new expressions and trying them out in class. This is just fun but also helps our table to get points. This happens a lot through the movie when they face a big problem the whole team tries new things and risk themselves.                                                                                                                                                                                             3. Going back to the past: In the movie whenever they hit a problem they think what they did and what happened before or in the past. What I do is whenever I have to write something in past tense. Think about what I am going to write, check the verb if it’s -ar or -er/-ir or irregular, conjugate it correctly, read and think and if it sounds nice I go with it. Each step I take or revise it carefully so that there is no mistakes but I think this would improve a lot if I spend time on studying what we learnt each class so I won’t forget important things needed in these steps.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     4. Going recklessly: I think that this movies has so many reckless places which seems like it reflects to me. I try out new things, but whenever I don’t know the answer I try using the knowledge I have and if it sounds good I just try it out. I think sometimes in studying going recklessly makes you remember it easier, if you make a mistake it reminds you of it and even if you get it correct the feeling when your like “it’s right?” reminds you of it as well anyways. So I think this reflects to how I study as well.                                                                      5. Out side of class: In the movie the group called “Triple X” does the mission. But since they have this special talent of stunts and things they use it outside of the mission at the start helping poor villages/city and just playing around. I think that I do this a lot for Spanish as well. Not just in class but also using them with Noa when we go out together, speaking in Spanish with my mom and etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 6. Having Fun: In the movie they wont just complete the mission. They have fun, play around and complete the mission. Just like the movie does I have a lot of fun. My teacher Mrs. Hill is pretty…. lets say “unique” or “interesting”. But having class with this “unique” teacher is probably why it made me so engaged in Spanish and so entertained. One of the best teacher and makes learning fun at the same time, making us learn “kiss me” or “touch me” is probably only this teacher. She also wears sandals to class.                                                       7. Not just learning what’s on the board: In the movie they kind of disobey the government. They say use this, do that but the group does it by it’s own way and complete the mission. What I do is I listen to what’s going on and not just copying notes from the board, I try to make it so that it’s easy to understand the thing we’re learning and learn it my way.
  2. Write a headline of no more than 10 words to summarize your learning this unit.                                                                                                                                                                                       New, Fun, Hard, Loco, Expressions, Study, Past, Puns, Intense, Button.
  3. Write down keywords from your learning. Arrange them into a poem.                                                                                                                                                                                                             New, Fun, Expressions, Study, Past, Tense, Intense                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Poem?:Late to class and I run, Wearing shorts because of the sun, Learning Spanish is so much fun, Today Past tense?, Learning this in just with my fast tense, Making it all intense, Learning new expressions, the teacher says nice comprehension, and I say its easy, small progression.
  4. Use a metaphor and a simile to describe the preterite and/or the direct/indirect/reflexive pronouns.                                                                                                                                               Metaphor: New things and learning preterite and/or the direct/indirect/reflexive pronouns is Time. Once you start learning it’s hard and takes long, but as time passes goes smoothly and feels fast just like nothings there.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Smile: Learning preterite and/or the direct/indirect/reflexive pronouns is like Basketball. Once you start, it’s hard and not fun to learn the basics, but once you get the hang of it everything uses basically the same stem and becomes easy.

Music reflection (Koto)

I think that the 2 years of learning was a great experience. We learned a lot of skills and a lot about koto. Sometimes it was hard and boring to learn, but I think that every thing was worth it at the end. We had a lot of concerts, the winter concerts, and small concerts in our local community. To be honest practicing is not that fun, since we are in base koto we had to go every morning. But I feel like it was worth my time.

  1. My practice strategies were coming to practice constantly. I think this is good because we get to practice with a group and since we practice on certain days we can remind each other and move forwards together. Also our other strategy was to go in morning and to agree with the others. This is good because if everyone agrees everyone has a responsibility.
  2. Since I’m in the base koto group we have to practice in school. But I think that keeps us on task as well. Because there are teachers in that environment we get to focus a lot while practice and when we need help we can ask the teacher. I think it is really hard to come practice consistently but it is really helpful once you get the hang of it.
  3. To be honest we had a lot of problems. Because we just started playing the base koto everything was pretty hard, but the hard parts ended up really fun and good at the end. For example page 8 line 1 to 2, at the start we didn’t get the pattern but as we practiced we got better and now were perfect with it. I think we don’t have any strategy. What we do is just we practice as a team and ask the teacher for advice.
  4. Right now page 12 line 4 to page 13 line 3 is the hard bit for us. The reason why is because theres a lot of presses and moves up and down the koto. Recently were getting the pattern but I think we need to practice more.
  5. Even though it is nervous playing with the others but it’s really enjoying when the piece comes together. Also the feeling of accomplishment when you do the hard part perfectly that is really enjoyable as well. The challenging part is where we have to bring the piece together. The reason why is because each koto have different hard parts. So the challenge is to keep up the pace with the other kotos. But this can be improved by more practicing.

Unit 1 Spanish Reflection

Learning Spanish for 2 years changed my Spanish skilled changed a lot compared to the start of the year. Of course through out those years it changed my improvements and what I am doing good. But for now I would like to talk about things to improve right now and what I am doing good for now.

Improvements –

  1. I think that I have to review the final product. The reason why is because I think that I make really easy errors that are easy to change if I reviewed my test. Also sometimes when I look through my test twice I sometimes find parts that are not that descriptive and edit so that it becomes better.
  2. The second improvement I have to make is to read the test problem. I have to do this because I usually read the first sentence and head off to the test. For example when it says “You have to write a letter to a student that is coming to YIS, this should be 250 to 500 words.” I start writing the letter and end up making a huge mistake. I think this is one of the major improvement I have to change.
  3. I think that accents for Spanish is pretty hard for me. Even though I am getting better at it as we take more tests but I think that I still can improve a lot. To improve this I would like to review my notes constantly and also maybe change the accents color to red so that it stands out.

What I am doing good so far

  1. So far I think I am doing a good job. Even though I made mistakes in tests I think that it is easy to improve if I spend time. The first thing that I am doing good is using new vocab, expressions and etc. I tend to use new things a lot. And I think it is a good thing to use new things, but I usually make minor mistakes in those. So thats why I chose reviewing notes for one of the improvements.
  2. I think that my basic Spanish is starting to improve. Im starting to get use to conjugating and using the right vocab. Also when I talk I feel like I am talking fluently for those basic Spanish so thats one thing that I am doing good for now.
  3. I think that I am doing a good job of having fun learning Spanish even though sometimes are tough I think it’s been worth it. I am looking forward to have more fun and progressively get more fluent and have Spanish as my third language.

Dragon day reflection


Designing our project was… Really fun and it was something new. Also because there were students from different grades I had fun working with them.
Reasons I liked working with my group The reason why is because my group was really positive, communicative, hard workers and creative thinkers. For example no one said “I think that ideas bad” and people kept talking so that we can be organized and on task.
ATL skills that I used well Communication, Organization, creative thinking and critical thinking.
Great moments along the way The great moment was when we were working as a group. The reason why is because when we just met and the group was new, everyone didn’t talk much, and they looked scared of each others. But as we progressed the team started looking like a team and it looked like we were friends for a long time.
One thing I learned from another group I learned that there are different ways people present their work. Because my group was a creator we made videos, posters and a slide. But for performers and etc presented their work by a skit and etc.
Next time, I will Next time I will Practice my script more. The reason why is because I had a script I had to look at it consistently which lead to me not looking at the audience. So I thought if I practiced more so that I memorized it it could help the audience listen and make the entertained.
Something awesome that I contributed I contributed in putting up posters. I thought this was awesome because if you think about it it’s really cool. People are looking at your poster and you are helping them and the world. So putting up posters were awesome.

Group Photo:


Spanish Goals

Throughout the two years of learning Spanish I learned a lot of things, and one of them were to set a goal so that I can achieve my goal at the end of the year. For this year I have 4 goals.

The first goal is to use the online text book “Avancemos” frequently. The reason why is because in the past I was only reviewing my notes, and it’s not bad reviewing your notes but reviewing the text book can tell you something you forgot to take notes or even make you understand things better.

The second goal is to Learn/review notes frequently. What I learned last year was that I was only studying before assignments, and that is not good. So reviewing your notes frequently can make you remember things easier and help you before assignments to study other things. (like 30 min 3 days per week)

The third goal is to start assignments quickly so that I have time to ask questions and review it with my teachers so that I don’t have problems at the last second.

The fourth goal is to have fun learning Spanish.