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Through this tutorial unit I learned a lot of things. The fun part was taking the video because, the video doesn’t go that good like the NG videos. The hard part was the planning because, you need to follow the plan while making the video so you need to think and think so that you don’t need to add anything on the video. This made my I movie skills  improve and now I know how to make a tutorial so I can make more videos for my channel!


Cropping was not that hard, because I didn’t crop that much but i cropped the part for B.E.E.F. For example the eyes I cropped the other thing and only showed the eyes so because, cropping other things makes you able to show the important part for this the eyes. Picture in picture, I was thinking if i can show all the things for beef in one page. So that the video wont be that long but, I thought about it and I thought if I make all in one page the audience might miss the important part more than the part you already know. Fast motion and Slow motion, this was the part for the practice part. I thought of showing my self practicing and fast forwarding so that the audience can see how to practice but, if it’s in fast motion the audience can’t see the form when you practice. A good thing about fast motion is that when you’re making something long you can make it fast so it’s not boring for example when you mix something while cooking you can make it fast unless if there is a important thing. Making into parts, I’ve done this in my video so that if the audience knows some part or most but they wan’t to learn something new. If they look at the video and look through fast so they can find the part that they wan’t to learn. Clear voice, I think this is like the most important thing for a video because if you can’t hear them the whole video is messed up.


First I thought that tutorials were only just showing how to do and just finish but it’s actually very hard to make one. The reason why is for example making into parts, This important because the audience can know what part they want to watch witch means they don’t miss the important part! Also Showing stuff specific, For example cropping, I showed my eyes in a very short distance is because they would know it’s important even though I was pretty shy.


I don’t have any questions in this point.


In conclusion I don’t have any question but I would like to know more about i movie and Learn lots and lots more about tutorials and watching tutorials. I am looking forward to upload more and more tutorials and get better and better at I movie.


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10 thoughts on “My tutorial reflection

  1. I liked your video because it wasn’t too long. I also liked about voice over and the tip ‘BEEF’. For the last scene, when you try to invite for the subscribe you should put the link so people can click and subscribe easily. The all other things are good!

  2. I liked how you showed the tips step by step, because I think it was really easy to understand. I also liked how you showed the bad ways and the good ways to do the jump shot at the beginning. Another thing that I liked about your video is that you had an effective subtitle. It was good because if you didn’t have the subtitle, it would be harder to understand.
    I learned about the tips to do the jump shot.
    I learned that it is very important to explain the tips step by step.
    I think you could improve on talking louder and more clearly so that it would be easier to understand.
    Otherwise, I think you’re tutorial video was great.

  3. I liked how you zoomed in on some parts of your video, I liked how you showed what you should look like at the end, and I also liked how you added BEEF and explained what it’s about. I learned how to shot a jump shot and that you need to add flick to the ball.

  4. From Erik

    I really liked that you showed us BEEF and I also liked that you showed us if we had a bad jump shot Like throwing the ball strait .I also liked how you told people to sub and like that vid. I learned that you should almost always show the bad way. I also learned that I should have talked faster in my video. I think that you could improve on your voice over because you cut the voice between the word.

  5. I liked you gave tips for people who never played basket ball. Nice idea doing that. Example BEEF. And I liked you showed examples of a better way or the bad way to shoot it. I like how you had lots of details.
    When you spoke in the last part you watched down. It was actually weird noise comes too.
    I learned doing voice over is not so bad than I thought.
    I thought making a word might making it awesome!

  6. I liked how you edit the video and talking a lot. Iike when you talk a lot because it makes me understand better.
    I learned the BEEF. It is really easy to remember!
    I think you should work on the last part. The background music is too noisy.

  7. Awesome! Love the way you kept it simple, but clearly explained everything. Great combo of video, images and text. Well done Yuichiro!

  8. I like how you added an acronym system to help people remember how to shoot. You also gave us the idea of how not to shoot, and you also explained how the end result looks like. I learned the B.E.E.F. system, because I have never heard that one before. I also learned that you have to look behind the basket. You could improve on maybe going a little bit smoother with your transitions or cuts.

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