Spanish Unit 3 Reflection (families)

Hola This is my 3rd unit and it was about families and family members. There were a lot of new vocabs and we didn’t just learn about family members. We learned other things that are not connected to family, so like possessive adjective question words. I think this was one of my hardest unit because there were a lot of new things including the possessive adjective, because on the last unit we had foods for our topic. So we used “what meals I like” and those phrases. Those phrases were mostly review except for like meal times. So there wasn’t much a challenge, but this unit was a whole new thing for me. Also we had to learn like younger older and those really new words than “I like to” and those basic words. At the end it felt like a great unit because i felt like I learned a lot more things and there was something else than conjugating. Now that I learned something new I have confidence in my spanish and I think I can describe myself better. Now that I had to keep up with the class I study a lot more frequently and review what I did a lot more. I am starting to use “my.hrw” but still I don’t get use to the online textbook. I think i am somewhat doing good and I am looking forward for more new excitements in spanish class. ADIOS!!

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