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Last week friday was our concert (March 11) We practiced rokudan for around 2 months. We Preformed until the 3rd dan but I think overall we did good. In the preformance there were some mistakes maken and we went a little fast, but other than that we did good. It was fun watching my self improve each week just by practicing twice a week minimum.

We went over the hard parts in class, so that we can focus on the parts that we are weak. So that was mostly our focus, before that I was just practicing the new parts and after that I practice the whole thing.  I think I really Improved a lot on those hard parts, in class and at the concert I made no mistakes (except in class) so I think I put a lot of effort practicing the sheet. Well I didn’t do much by my self, I just did what the teacher told me to do and I ended up doing good. One thing that I did is I always practiced twice a week, and a video on one of those practice sheet. I really recomend the video becasue you can see your improvement and look for your improvements. I didn’t preprate that much, I just practiced and just played at the concert then I did good. I think the Video was the most successful thing because I think that helped me improve and find what I improved on.

Maybe I could of practiced more or play with a audio recording of the piece so that the sound matched. Other than that I think I did well, cheking your tuning each practice is something good to so that you won’t remember the wrong tuning and you can tune with your ear.

My preformance in a indivisual way I think it was good, because I didn’t practice much last year I learned that practicing over time helps than practicing and memorizing a lot at the end. In class I did well, what I thought while class is that my tuning is improved a lot. If it wasn’t my self I think I didn’t do that good, because when I was practicing in class I heared my self a little bit off from my calssmates so I thought maybe I can improve on that part too. I think I mostly hit my expectations but the part that I couldn’t play together with my classmates but other than that I think I did a great job with it. What wen’t well was the video practice and what didn’t go well is the part where I had to play the piece with everyone. Next time I would work on practicing with a audio record of the piece.

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  1. Thanks for posting Yuichiro. You have made some good comments here. I am glad that you now understand that regular practice can become just like a habit – and it works! Making the videos gives us a chance to check things for ourselves. It’s very important. Also, deciding on a focus for your practice means that you have a certain goal to work toward. I think that you understand this as well. Rokudan is not an easy piece of music, but your and your class have made a lot of progress with it. I look forward to next year, when we finish the piece. Keep up the good work!

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