Plants Making Mars Our Home

I think every one of us dreamed about going to space or living out of earth. Well one day that day might come, while we are living on a planet called earth, the earth is starting to break apart. Global warming, cutting trees, littering and other problems. You may think people make a big fuss about it. Well actually they are trying to prevent us from leaving earth. These things are causing earth to die and we started getting aware of it now, if we new this from the past maybe this wouldn’t of happened. Let’s say that the earth started warming too much and people cut too much trees. Our planet won’t have O2 and our planet will over heat. There are a lot of problems to move to mars, but on this text we’re going to focus on poor soil condition. We need good condition of soil because plants won’t grow, which basically means life won’t appear on Mars. Also as I said plants preform photosynthesis. They breath in CO2 and breath out O2. It is basically creating oxygen for us.

To create good condition of soil on Mars we can either ship dirt to Mars or keep planting plants on mars and create dirt from dead corps. Transporting tons of dirt to Mars would be really expensive in both environmental cost and money. Transporting dirt will take a lot of money as I said, and maybe the dirt here won’t suddenly match Mars’ climate.

The other option is to keep plating plants on Mars so that in a long time there would be dirt made out of dead corps. Now the problems for these options. For creating dirt from dead corps, this will take a long time, like really long. Also if we were to keep on planting plants, we have to plant plants for a daily bases so the astronauts has to stay there for a long time.

In conclusion I think the second option is better, even though it takes a long time and the astronauts will have to stay there for a long time. This option includes photosynthesis, which is a good thing, the soil or the plant is going to evolve for the climate on Mars. Slowly the plants are going to evolve for protection of the amount of radiation on mars, and slowly but the soil are going to evolve for plants too grow on mars. If this happens these plants can look different or taste different but this way is safe and the best for Mars. The other problem is the astronauts problem. They will have to stay there for a while, a long time. So on scheduled based times the second group of astronaut can fly to Mars, which makes the other group to leave Mars. After that the third group can go. This will again take a lot of finance but the best option is this.


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  1. I think your writing is very well written. The idea of reusing the dead crops is good.

    I think Ms.Kaufman will give you a 6 or 7

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