Spanish Goals

Throughout the two years of learning Spanish I learned a lot of things, and one of them were to set a goal so that I can achieve my goal at the end of the year. For this year I have 4 goals.

The first goal is to use the online text book “Avancemos” frequently. The reason why is because in the past I was only reviewing my notes, and it’s not bad reviewing your notes but reviewing the text book can tell you something you forgot to take notes or even make you understand things better.

The second goal is to Learn/review notes frequently. What I learned last year was that I was only studying before assignments, and that is not good. So reviewing your notes frequently can make you remember things easier and help you before assignments to study other things. (like 30 min 3 days per week)

The third goal is to start assignments quickly so that I have time to ask questions and review it with my teachers so that I don’t have problems at the last second.

The fourth goal is to have fun learning Spanish.

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