Music reflection (Koto)

I think that the 2 years of learning was a great experience. We learned a lot of skills and a lot about koto. Sometimes it was hard and boring to learn, but I think that every thing was worth it at the end. We had a lot of concerts, the winter concerts, and small concerts in our local community. To be honest practicing is not that fun, since we are in base koto we had to go every morning. But I feel like it was worth my time.

  1. My practice strategies were coming to practice constantly. I think this is good because we get to practice with a group and since we practice on certain days we can remind each other and move forwards together. Also our other strategy was to go in morning and to agree with the others. This is good because if everyone agrees everyone has a responsibility.
  2. Since I’m in the base koto group we have to practice in school. But I think that keeps us on task as well. Because there are teachers in that environment we get to focus a lot while practice and when we need help we can ask the teacher. I think it is really hard to come practice consistently but it is really helpful once you get the hang of it.
  3. To be honest we had a lot of problems. Because we just started playing the base koto everything was pretty hard, but the hard parts ended up really fun and good at the end. For example page 8 line 1 to 2, at the start we didn’t get the pattern but as we practiced we got better and now were perfect with it. I think we don’t have any strategy. What we do is just we practice as a team and ask the teacher for advice.
  4. Right now page 12 line 4 to page 13 line 3 is the hard bit for us. The reason why is because theres a lot of presses and moves up and down the koto. Recently were getting the pattern but I think we need to practice more.
  5. Even though it is nervous playing with the others but it’s really enjoying when the piece comes together. Also the feeling of accomplishment when you do the hard part perfectly that is really enjoyable as well. The challenging part is where we have to bring the piece together. The reason why is because each koto have different hard parts. So the challenge is to keep up the pace with the other kotos. But this can be improved by more practicing.

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