End Of The Year Reflection (Spanish)

Through out these most valuable times leaning Spanish I think I have developed as a Spanish speaker and as a learner, human. I think that this year, class gave me a lot of opportunities to learn Spanish with my own method which made me a better learner. By learning something with your own way, you tend to remember things better and I guess by the end of the year I figured out what suits me. Every class may be same, taking notes on your notebook and revising them just to get better grades once you get home. But Spanish class was different, yes, sometimes I got off topic with Noa and my fellow classmates however I definitely enjoyed these 3 years learning Spanish. I’ve improved my Spanish skills compared to the first year, and learned a lot of extra things as well. But I think these are what makes Spanish class special.

I am most proud of my passion and my dedication towards Spanish. 6th grade and 7th grade I feel like I was learning Spanish because it was one of the subjects for school, However this year I think I was able to enjoy Spanish and turn it in to a passion and learn with joy rather than learning because it’s mandatory.

I will consider my self as a Spanish speaker. I may be one of the most beginner class Spanish speaking person, but I can have basic conversations and understand broadly what they are saying. What makes me say this is, my conversations with my mom. She’s Peruvian and she speaks that really quick Spanish. But I was able to construct basic sentences with some conjugation errors and able to understand with the vocabulary I know.

If I could restart this year again I would organise my notes a lot more clearly and spend the time a lot more carefully. Thinking back now I think that I could’ve done better by organising myself as a whole. Although my organisation skills have improved, I think that I still wasted time and didn’t use the online text book as much. I write down notes, and never organise them. They’re usually all over the place and I sometimes struggled finding where the specific things were. However towards the end, once I got my new notebook I have organised my notes and realised that it is useful and a lot more easier with notes that are clear and organised.

I think that I have a lot of places to improve to be able to join phase 3 with confidence. And these are the list of things I should be able to do until next year for phase 3.

  1. Conjugation. I think that I am good with present tense, future, simple future and etc. However the problem is past tense. Also it would be great if I could improve to the point where I could conjugate without thinking and being able to talk smoothly with the correct conjugation.
  2. Transitions. Having advanced transitions and being able to connect, explain and talk in depth using transitions would definitely bring my Spanish to a whole new level. I have learned some, however haven’t remembered them yet.
  3. Last but not least, slang or casual Spanish. Such as saying Cómo instead of Qué, or sale vale, or que va. Or just learning entertaining Spanish which we do in class would make me a advanced Spanish speaker but also bring another factor to enjoy Spanish, and learn with passion.

In conclusion, I definitely had a blast and a great time in Spanish class today. I guess that I was consistently thinking of how to enjoy something that’s not what you necessarily want. Rather than thinking about your future, or how you could improve your past I would say that the best thing is to find the joy out of the boringness. School isn’t necessarily the place you would want to be, however finding the parts you can enjoy and learn with passion drastically changes your attitude and your learning speed/skills/advancement. And I guess this is where “Have fun learning” comes in. 🙂

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