About ME

Hey guys! I am Yuichiro. I would like to share whats about me. Well basically I am a boy and I like to play sports and games, also I like math! I go to YIS and this is the link Click here. I have a youtube channel and I upload funny things and stuff so check out my channel too. Enjoy reading about me even if it’s boring.

What I like

I like playing sports like basketball and soccer mainly but I also play Squash Tennis. I also like games like Puzzle and dragons Shiro Neko and all kinds of stuff. I play one computer game and I play league of legends I started playing league of legends because my friends were playing and I got interested in it! I play the Piano and the Koto. I go to juku and I think thats why I like math because you like something when you know a lot  about it.

Me and the blog

So my name is Yuichiro and I am in 6A I lost my clock its light blue and I am from japan half Peruvian but I don’t speak spanish. Also I am looking forward for my blog and I forget things easily so I might forget to post things on my blog but i will try not forget posting stuff. I will promise that I will post something once a week or more. Also I will try my best at spelling and grammar so if there is something that I mistake please tell me.

Me and my youtube channel

I upload a lot of things like funny things and gaming videos and stuff! I upload things with my friend and please subscribe. Check my channel here

This is my main champion when I play league


downloadPhoto on 9-30-14 at 10.10 AM

 Photo link (This is the vel’koz picture link)

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    • Hi Elena!
      Thanks for the comment and I loved your child labor, I didn’t think about those things and I learned a lot of things from your blog. thank you! What game do you think I should add?

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