Atl skills overview (grade 6)


Approaches to Learning Skills How did you demonstrate this skill or what do you want to improve? Subjects (remember you need to include something from all your subjects) Examples of Work(include the link or write what you will show your parents)
Organization At the first I was forgetting a lot of homeworks but now I think I improved a lot. Tech, Music, Drama, Japanese, P.E, Math, Spanish,Science, I&S, English, Art Link (tech) Link
Collaboration In Individuals and societies I helped koki. Individuals and societies Link (individuals and societies)
Creative thinking In tech I made a brainstorm Tech, art, Link Link
Communication It’s another way of communicating, because this way of communicating is using body language P.E ,japanese Link Link
Transfer I used math things in science (10g+0.003g) math, science Link


My Goals

Goal 1 Take more time doing your homework
Goal 2
Goal 3

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