Grade 7

I chose 5 Atl skills that I am good at and one to improve. (the one is included in the ones I am good at) The ones that I thought that I am good at is my transfer skills, Organization skills, Reflection skills, Information literacy skills, Collaboration skills. For my transfer skills I used my math skills in science. There was a science project where you had to calculate the stopping distance.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 9.30.11 AM

For my Organization skills I have Math and Tutor the reason why is because we had a unit about organization in tutor witch improved my organization skills.


In math I never forgot my homework and the tutor unit helped me a lot.

For my Reflection skills I have Drama, Music, English. For Drama after we finish a project we write a reflection on how we can improve, what we did good and compare others project to others. link

For music we’ve posted a lot of blog posts to show what we do and what we have been doing. We recently wrote a reflection on “Rokudan no Shirabe” we basically wrote what to improve on what can we do to improve what challenges there were and how we practice. Link

In English we read a book called “journey to jo’burg” after reading we rewrote a part of the story by reflecting how it was when that happened. Link

For information literacy i chose I&S. In Individual and societies, we did a lot of things that includes gathering information. We usually have a research sheet to work on so that when we make our project / presentation we wont have to search. Link

For my collaboration skills I chose P.E and Art. For  P.E. In P.E I did a dance with Lukus and we’ve planned Most of the dance. The song was “Get Low” and we took pictures with performing the dance and practicing the just dance moves. Link

In art we’ve done a poster that shows a certain artist’s work and his personality on the poster. We did this in partners, and I did it with lukus. We made a tree with all his artwork on the edge of the branches.

 For my improving skills I had Spanish on reflection skills. The reason why is because after we have a test we get a comment back how to improve, I do read it and practice, but it doesn’t last long. So for next semester I would like to practice longer and not forget to practice.