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Expedition GCD

This year, I went to Niigata for my expedition. We were divided into a few groups and were given a map, a guardian and food. This tested many individual skills including physical and metal in activities such as hiking and… Continue Reading →

Mark Expedition reflection

1. What did you learn about yourself? I learnt that a lot of times, I tend to add on the talker and jokester in the group. In addition, I start conversations and keep people in a happy mood. I support… Continue Reading →

Mark Collaboration ATL Video

This is a video made by my group to teach the 6th graders about a new ATL Skill that is often used and a skill they will need to improve throughout their years learning. We decided collaboration skill is a… Continue Reading →

Expanding My Comfort Zone during G8 Expedition

At expedition, I went to Minakami Gunma and faced many new things in an unfamiliar area. We did many actives like canyoning, mountain biking and many other activities we are not able to due at our normal surroundings. During expedition, I was… Continue Reading →

Japanese Weather Cast Time Test

The audio below is my Japanese Weather cast recording. 下のアウディオは気象情報のリコーディングです。↓    

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