At expedition, I went to Minakami Gunma and faced many new things in an unfamiliar area. We did many actives like canyoning, mountain biking and many other activities we are not able to due at our normal surroundings. During expedition, I was able to make new friends and now other classmates better. This was a really good opportunity, since I am new to YIS. Other than me making new friends and interacting with students I never knew before field studies, I was able to overcome my fears. During field studies, there were many jumps off cliffs and even sliding down a 20 meter water fall. Usually, I will hesitate a little and also have feelings of not doing it. However during field studies friends and people around me supported me leading for me to be able to overcome my fear. This taught gave me more confidence and lead me to actually do something I never would have done. Overcoming my fear also taught me how good of a society I am around. I learnt that the society around me isn’t just other students thinking about them selves like saying, ” Hurry up and jump off the cliff, it’s not even that high,” but they are empathic and caring to one another. When I was on the edge of the cliff, friends around me were saying comforting stuff like, ” You can do this, Let’s do this, Let’s overcome our fears.” This lead me to jumping off the cliff easier and also gained trust.


At field studies, I was able to overcome my fears in different situations; for example, jumping a cliff isn’t as scary as before. After field studies, I thought I was able to overcome my fears of things I have done during field studies, however videos show that I have become more confident and not as scared when I play Ice-hockey. Me myself haven’t noticed until my coach told me but, I have become more confident at attacking and checking opponents bigger and stronger than me. This really helped me at my skills in ice-hockey and will really help me improve my skills and confidents while playing ice-hockey.