This year, I went to Niigata for my expedition. We were divided into a few groups and were given a map, a guardian and food. This tested many individual skills including physical and metal in activities such as hiking and camping. As most of we were asked to do everything by ourselves, we gained and used leadership, relationships, self-reliance, and resilience skills to overcome the week 5 days we stayed at Niigata.
The trip was just nature, nature and nature. As our trip located in the country side and the mountains surrounding our camp site, it helped me increase the appreciation of nature. The breeze of fresh air, the sound of insects that cannot be spotted at the city definitely shook me.
Before the trip I thought the 3 day hike was going to be fairly challenging because I was unfamiliar to most of the members I was grouped up with. However as the time took by, I learnt that I add on the talkers and jokesters in the group which made me a mood maker. I start conversations and keep people in a happy mood, I support leaders and make strong decisions as well. As that showed the relationships and self reliance, I noticed that I could improve my leadership. I find myself to be a really good leader but never stand up and say I would like to take in charge due to the fact that I am worried that others may look at me thinking that I’m overconfident. However, if there was one thing I learned in this expedition is, confidence is the most important skill we individuals need. Therefore if I have a chance to have the same experience or haveĀ  another group activity, I would stand up and take the role of a leader rather than just a person chatting behind the leader.