Spanish Unit 3 Reflection

In unit 3, I have learnt many new things. I have learnt preterite verb tense conjugation which I understand ok and we got some review over unit 2. I am still catching up with class and learning things from the past. The preterite tense is as strange as Dr. strange, there are many different conjugations which make you kind of confused at times. I felt really good during this learning experience because it was finally a unit where I was able to understand some of the material in which I was having fun in Spanish class. I have learnt that you need to work hard and study hard to get better at something. I have learnt from Spanish to other subjects that you need to study hard and work hard to get better and have a better understanding of that subject or material.

I&S Blog post Thing TASK 1 – 2 Gapminder

Task 1


After seeing all the indicators I realized and extended my knowledge about the differences between a developing and already developed country. Sweden is rich and has good medicine and can take care of its people and tries to educate the public more. Meanwhile, Afganistan is struggling because, it not that rich, gets most of its money from oil. it does not have a lot of medicine and has a hard time making schools and educating their people. Sweden is already a very developed country because it can help it’s people and there is a strong middle class. Afganistan is rapidly developing because it is getting support from other countries like the United states. Sweden’s crude birth rate is very low because of modern medicine and health care. Afghanistan is getting better because they are starting to help their people and growing and expanding their health care. These are the same reasons above for Infant mortality Rate. Sweden and Afganistan are growing in population by a pretty high number because a middle class is coming and it is easier to take care of children. A lot more women in both countries are giving birth to children and the live expectancy is going up for both countries. It is expanding by a really big margin, especially for Afganistan because they are a newly developing country. Sweden is around 80 and Afganistan is around 55. The literacy rate for Sweden is 100% because of education and social democrats which belief in high tax, free healthcare and free education for everyone. Literacy rate, of Afganistan, is around 40-50%.

Task 2 

I&S Unit 1 Reflection

I really like I&S as a whole and especially the unit world religions.


What problems did you encounter while you were working on this piece? How did you solve them?

I had a big problem with my essay because it was quite difficult to find information. It took quite a long time to find which made me delayed behind my classmates.


Did you meet your standards?

Yes, I think that I met my standards becuase I did very well on the end result and I also am a student that likes to get good grades and wants to do well in school and I think that this assesment proves it.


What grade would you give it? Why?

For This assessment I think that I should get a 7-8 because I worked very hard and I made a good analysis of the Christian Crusades. I explained about how they affected and impacted us and the world.


One thing I would like to improve upon is … to be more time aware. During my last couple of projects, I have not been able to organize my time well.


Spanish Unit 1 Reflection

This first Unit in Spanish has not been the best. I have been struggling a lot and I have a hard time getting good grades and understand and applying knowledge from the unit. I have been good at talking and communicating to other people, but writing and using new vocab has been hard. I can’t do conjugation and stem changing well which does not help my grades.

I would like to improve my Conjugation, Stem-changing verbs, and my vocab. I also need to take risks when doing tests even though I am not confident with the new things that we have learned. I would like to improve my spelling and understand of writing a type of format like a blog post and relating that to the audience.

I will improve all of this by the end of unit 2, THIS IS MY PLAN

  • I will study 3-4 times a week with and without my parents to rehearse new vocabulary and study on my hrw textbook, also improving Conjugation, Stem-changing, and my grammar and look at what we have done in class for the week.
  • I will try my very hardest to get better and improve my grades even when I do not see improvement
  • I will concentrate in class and focus on my work during and after class to be a better student and to get better
  • I will try to read some Spanish books and watch the Spanish guy on youtube for tips about Spanish
  • I will inform my teacher and get help if I do not understand something in class or out of class

This is my Plan for Unit 2 for improving my grades in Spanish and getting better at spanish. I do not enjoy Spanish so much because I struggle a lot.

My Goals for Spanish 8 Semester 1

goalsI have 4 goals in which I would like to achieve in Spanish 8 semester 1

The first one, I would like to improve is my basic vocabulary. I do not know a long range of vocab which does not help me improve my writing. I would like to practice 1 time a week just on vocabulary. With me improving on  my vocabulary  that can make me sound better and have a wider range of vocab after 4 months. I will remind myself by writing a reminder on my computer that I need to practice.

The second one, I would like to improve is my grammar & spelling.  I have terrible grammar and spelling in Spanish because I never really practiced on my grammar. I would like to be able to spell properly by the winter break and have good grammar by the end of the year so that people can understand me more clearly. I will remind myself by writing a reminder on my computer.

The third one, I would like to be ready for each class with all the materials. I usually do not bring pencils but now I will start to be more organized for Spanish and other subjects.  I will remind myself by writing on my schedule what I need to bring to class. I will do this through out the year and try not to forget my materials.

The Fourth one, I would like to keep all of my notes taken in class organized. I will always look over my notes for examples to practice on for up and coming tests. I will do this through out the year and this will also improve my grades for spanish becuase I can look over examples that were done in class and what could possibly be on the test.


This was my English Presentation.

What went well was that I talked loud, clear and got to point. What could have gotten better by being more organized and looking at the audience.