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Swedish and English are my strongest languages, me having the ability to write, speak, and read in both languages. I am Swedish and I have been learning English since I was 5, me going to an international school, made me… Continue Reading →

Grade 9 Expeditions Reflection

My experience was really good for me as a whole. I got to meet new people, get to know my teachers and classmates and start to like and enjoy nature more, encouraging me to do more hiking and spend more… Continue Reading →

Nature vs Nurture Debate

We don’t know which one to choose (nature vs nurture) but I could say it is both. Nature is from your genes and is passed on by family and the environment (earth, sciencey biology stuff), but nurture could be taught… Continue Reading →

Spanish Unit 3 Reflection

In unit 3, I have learnt many new things. I have learnt preterite verb tense conjugation which I understand ok and we got some review over unit 2. I am still catching up with class and learning things from the… Continue Reading →

I&S Blog post Thing TASK 1 – 2 Gapminder

Task 1 SWEDEN AND AFGANISTAN After seeing all the indicators I realized and extended my knowledge about the differences between a developing and already¬†developed country. Sweden is rich and has good medicine and can take care of its people and… Continue Reading →

Spanish Unit 2 Nov 29 Oral Task – with Andre

I&S Unit 1 Reflection

I really like I&S as a whole and especially¬†the unit world religions. Backward-Looking: What problems did you encounter while you were working on this piece? How did you solve them? I had a big problem with my essay because it… Continue Reading →

Spanish Unit 1 Reflection

This first Unit in Spanish has not been the best. I have been struggling a lot and I have a hard time getting good grades and understand and applying knowledge from the unit. I have been good at talking and… Continue Reading →

Spanish Oral Assesment Oct 11 2016

My spanish Reading thing, number uno

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