Swedish and English are my strongest languages, me having the ability to write, speak, and read in both languages. I am Swedish and I have been learning English since I was 5, me going to an international school, made me learn good English, however, it made me lose my some of my Swedish ability and my Finnish ability completely because my mother is full Finish. I was young and focusing on learning English, which unfortunately made me lose my Swedish.

I speak Swedish with my parents at home so that I can keep my Swedish and practice my English at school. To know more languages in my life, it will allow me to talk to more people and learn about diffrent cultures. There are many times when I wish I could speak a certain language, such as Korean and Japanese because I live in these countries. This would allow me to talk to other people and enrich the culture more when I am so lucky to live in many countries in the world. By me knowing more languages, I can talk to more people and learn about other countries cultures.