Currently, we are learning about the ‘ nature vs nurture ‘ debate in our I&S class.  The way we act and behave is being formed by “Nature” and “Nurture”.  ” Nature” relies on our genetics that are from our parents,  and “Nurture” relies on the environment and society that we were raised in. There are many studies and experiments we looked into in class that will be a good example of these two factors of the reasons why we are who we are.

“Nature ” – I found out in the activity we did in class, that our physical appearances are mostly from our parents, such as our hair color and eye colors. Our parent’s genes influence how we look. I have black hair because both of my parents have black hair, by their genes. The Hines study on “monkeys and toy preferences”, is another example of “Nature”. THe results were that the monkeys take the toys according to their gender. The female monkeys took the pink doll, which was because female are more likely to be attracted to infant and something human shaped because of its maternal instinct, which is a traditional thing where female are the ones who take care of their kids.

“Nurture” – The Cambridge study in regards to adults and gender stereotyping was an experiment where making babies dress as their opposite gender, and looking at the babysitter’s reactions if the baby wanted the toys that are not for their gender. The results showed that adults have a stereotype based on the gender of the baby, that if the infant was a girl dressed as a boy, the babysitter tried to give the girl toy to them even though the baby refused. Children nowadays are raised in the stereotype made by adults.