Nature VS Nurture is a hot topic for many debates all over the world. Scientists have not yet found a definite answer to this topic.

Some say we are Nature due to the fact that most of out physical characteristics are from our parents or ancestors. For example, during class we talked about sprinters and watched a BBC documentary about it.. This video talked about how the most dominant sprinters were black and had a western African gene in them. We talked about how the western africans were the ones put through slavery. Due to this we came to a conclusion that most black sprinters are fast because they have a gene in them that is tough and strong.

Although is it just all Nature? During class we also watched a video on gender stereotypes and what toys adults would give children according to their gender. Most adults would give cars and trucks to boys. On the other hand they would give fluffy dolls to girls. Experiment shows that we are also affected by Nurture and the environment around us.

Are we formed through Nature or Nurture? Genes or Environment? I think that there is no answer to this question. This is because we are formed with both of these aspects. Having tall parents could mean the child will be tall. But it doesn’t mean the child will be a basketball genius. His or her environment could have an affect on his or her dislikes. I think we are formed through both nature and nurture.