For my Wilderness Engagement, I went hiking in a place called Nigata. This hike taught me a range of different skills that I didn’t know before. Firstly through this hike, I learned the importance of having a positive mindset. Most of the day we went hiking, it was raining and the track was really muddy. Most of my team was in a really bad mood and it wasn’t a good start to the hike. Though as I went on with the hike I learned that I would have a better time having a positive mindset rather than being in a bad mood and complaining. After I started thinking positively, I could communicate with my team more joyfully and I started to enjoy the fact that the trail was muddy and that I kept on slipping. Even in my normal life at school, this skill has become really useful. Before I went on the hike I usually didn’t like assessments because they were time-consuming and boring. Though after the hike, I started to ask classmates advice on the assessment and how to improve my work. So I think positive thinking is a skill that I acquired through the hike and is a really effective skill that helps me get through tough things.

Also, the way I think about wilderness changed after this expeditions. Before the hike, I was feeling bitter because I had to give up my phone for three days. I could see that everyone around me was as well. I thought that not having a phone would be devastating. Though after the hike I was truly amazed by how powerful the wilderness is and I learned that without technology I was able to communicate with my team more. Now I think of wilderness as a place to escape or seek peace when I am feeling stressed or angry because it has an effect on you which makes you feel more calm and relaxed.

So through this expedition/hike, I learned to be a positive thinker and that it really changes your day by having just a little change to how you think about something.