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First 2 weeks of school- tutor

My first 2 weeks passed very quickly. When I first entered high school I was worried about the homework and all the people in the grades above. But as the 2 weeks passed I noticed that the homework wasn’t overwhelming… Continue Reading →

Nature vs Nurture. Individuals and Societies.

Nature VS Nurture is a hot topic for many debates all over the world. Scientists have not yet found a definite answer to this topic. Some say we are Nature due to the fact that most of out physical characteristics… Continue Reading →


This is a video made by myself, Mark, Noa and Shunji. This is a video dedicated to teach the sixth graders about good and bad examples of collaborating. We chose collaborating out of the five ATL’s due to the fact… Continue Reading →

INS perspectives in history


SLC link to the presentation

InS assessment Gapminder

The two countries that i am comparing are Niger and Norway. Norway is a MEDC with a very strong economy opposed to Niger which is a LEDC which is poor. Infant mortality rate The infant mortality rate for deaths under… Continue Reading →

Reflection for I&S

How much did you know about the subject before we started? I knew some things about Christianity because I went to an anglican school in Australia but I didn’t know many things about other religion because I never really study… Continue Reading →

DD Reflection Google Doc

Japanese Oral Assessment #1 Hanashikata-wa-doukana?

I have been sick but  i will upload this from home.

Science Post, Living on Mars!

So the problem i chose is how you get oxygen in mars. So there were two options I thought of. Plants and oxygen tanks. So when i thought of the oxygen tank option it was more expensive and effort. every… Continue Reading →

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