GCD Wilderness Engagement

For our G9 expedition this year, we went to Niigata Prefecture for a hiking trip. In the beginning, I was not looking forward to it too much as I don’t really like to hike. However, this experience made my perspective of the wilderness change. Throughout the hiking trips, I was able to become a better leader and take responsibility. As there was lots of tough terrain, I looked back to my friends and encouraged them to push themselves. After 5 hours of intense hiking, everyone was successfully able to arrive to the campsite. We also learned how to do other types of activities such as kayaking, bouldering etc. I tried out bouldering which was very fun as I have always been interested in rock climbing activities. Throughout these activities, I was also able to gain stronger confidence of my ability and learn to push myself to my limit. This proved to me that teamwork and support is key to success. Now, I am trying to apply this skill into my school life, by encouraging others to do better.

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