Spain vs. Phillipines

In I&S, our task is to compare and contrast two countries with indicators. I decided to chose Spain and the phillipines. Colonized and colonizer.  I researched the indicators and now I will compare and contrast them.

I think there are major differences in most indicators. The hugest gaps are in the GDP per capita, the whole health department (Birth rate, Infant Mortality Rate, Life Expectancy, and Fertility Rate) and that is more than half the scale. Spain would be the MEDC (More Economic Developed Country) and leaving the philippines as the LEDC (Less Economically Developed Country). I think that if the philippines increased the Medical Doctors per 1,000 the health department would increase and make the philippines a healthier country.


Spanish reflection Unit 4

In this unit, I have learned many things, about clothes, the climate and learned more vocabulary. I know what “Chanclas” is in Spanish. And in fact, that is the word that annoyed our Spanish teacher most. What’s so bad about flip flops? We also did interesting activities in Spanish class. For example, a few fluent Spanish-speakers came to our class and we had a conversation with them. We learned many interesting things from them. I think that quizlet is a good way to learn and also I think I will enjoy Spanish next unit. I look forward to it! I hope to get better at my fluency of speaking.

Playing The Blues

In Music class, we learned how to play the blues scale for C, F, G. It was very fun and we also had to record the bass line challenge. I did my blues challenge with practice. I think I could improve with practice, although that’s a broad word. I mean to sit down at my piano at home, and spend 20 minutes practicing the piano. Then homework…

Unit 3 Reflection

I thought Spanish was fun this unit and it was about family, and I really enjoyed it. I had times when I didn’t study, and I want to improve on that. I learned a lot though. I learned how to say the family tree, basically. Like Uncle, cousins, and parents. I also learned how to say “Annoying siblings” in Spanish. It’s very useful. I still have a bit of a hard time remembering how to structure my sentences so if you have any ideas, please comment!


English Presentation

In english, we had to do a 2 minute oral presentation of censorship. My parter and I choose to do censorship in paintings, and I though I made good contact and also spoke loudly and clearly. But I also kept a monotone, which I should improve on. I also could have done better organising and that would help me with my cue cards.


Showcase Portfolio G7

Communication: I thought I communicated well with people in classes  like I&S. IN I&S I communicated well with Eric A. For the Colonisation project. For that project we had to describe the effects of Spain colonising the Philippines. It was very fun and I know we made a few mistakes but that’s how we learn. I know what to do next time and I learned many things. I used this subject because why not? I though it suited best for this atl skill. I also communicated with Sea when we were doing the english project. What we had to do was make a conversation with two characters from two different books, Two weeks with the queen And also Journey to Johannesburg.                                                                                 Banana                                                                                                                                                                                                Apple


Collaboration: I thought I collaborated well in PE for the dance with Takumi because I thought it was fun working with him and we worked well together making the dance and the whole class did a flash mob in front of the 6th graders and it was scary and kinda weird, and then after it seemed fun. I like dancing in musicals and I though dancing was done. I also worked with Manami for a Hokkaido project and what we had to do was make like a tourist attractions page, and try to get people to go there.                                                                                           Banana                                                                                                                                                                                     Apple


Organisation: (Lack of it) I thought I lacked organisation because I kept losing things, and not turning things on time. I think I did this a lot and it’s something I really need to improve on. I think I could improve by using some different techniques. One good thing of organisation was in Music when we all chose uptown funk to sing to. It took a lot of preparation but in the end it was all very fun. But I still need to improve on my organisation.     This banana can not be shown.                                                                                                                                                   This Apple will be here soon. He’s coming from the dance studio.

Media Literacy: I think I did well in Media Literacy because I’ve been using computers for a long time and my parents think I spend too much time on it playing video games. 🙂 X] I think I looked up things well in many classes and especially well in Science when we had to search what elements in a phone are. So gold, tin, tantalum, are some conflict elements in a phone.

Reflection: I think I reflected well in Spanish. In the end of the first semester, we reflected on what we think we did and basically saying what we thought how Spanish was. I think I did well in reflecting. I improved in Spanish but I could still improve more.                                                                                                                                      Last Banana                                                                                                                                                                                       Last Apple

Bananas: I have no idea what was going on in my head, but if you eat a lot of bananas you can get really constipated.

Apples: They wake you up more than coffee. If you eat 100 apple seeds they will kill you because of the poison in them.


Things I’m proud of improving in spanish

In Spanish I think I improved on my fluency and I also improved my vocabulary. Because last year I wasn’t as good as I am now. I am also proud that for the first time, I have started taking notes. Before, I never took notes. Now it has become some what of a habit.. I really enjoyed Spanish this year and it was very fun.

The Snake man (Cherokee Legend)

There were two hunters, went out hunting but they were both under a taboo to eat turkey or squirrel, and if they did, they would turn into a snake. The two hunters returned, and one found squirrels to eat. The hunter said

“Let us feast upon these squirrels!”

The other hunter replied nervously,

“No, We are under a taboo not to. You know that you would turn into a evil snake.”

“Ha! That’s just a conjurer’s story”

And the hunter started to cook the squirrels and ate them.

“See? I’m not a snake”

They both went to sleep and in the middle of the night his companion awoke to groaning. He looked across the fire and saw his friend, his lower half of his body a snake, and the scales moving up the body. He could only try and comfort his friend as he turned into a snake.





Drama Speech

For Drama class we had to do a speech and we had options so I chose aliens. I thought it would be an intresting topic to talk about so I talked about it. I thought I used modulation well and also my body language was engaging and I also think that I didn’t use my palm cards the best way. I thought what I talked about was very good and useful. Please watch the video!

7C Drama: Speech30 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.