Wilderness Engagement Field studies Niigata hike

In 9th-grade field studies, we went on a three day hiking/camping trip in Niigata.  This experience was great and tiring. going through the mountains there were very beautiful sights, but getting to the top to see those beautiful views I had to climb the steep muddy mountain which was very tiring, my legs were in pain, but the view was worth it. When going hiking we had to carry our big backpacks that carried our clothes and camping gear that we shared with four people. Carrying the big backpack with our stuff and when we all four met at the camping site and built our tent it first was little difficult but on the second day, it went smoothly. Hiking up the mountains, because it was fall the leaves turned red and fell to the ground it was pretty. On the last day of our hike, the few hours of hiking that we did the last two days felt instant, time went really fast. From this hike, I learned that nature is beautiful, without phones, building and etc, and we should keep it that way to preserve this beautiful environment.

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