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Unit 3 Reflection – Spanish

Reflecting a little differently: In this unit  we have researched and talked about different Spanish speaking countries around the world. We focused on their culture and specific things that are special in those countries. In individuals and societies we have been studying… Continue Reading →

Student Led Conferences

Link to ATL skills overview & Plan

Gapminder – Task 2


Looking at Development through Indicators

Development can be measured in many different ways. However, finding an accurate representation of a country’s growth, that uses a variety of indicators, is not always easy. In general, based on the level of development of a country, the world… Continue Reading →

Viaje Oral – Linnea + Ebba


Spanish Oral – Directions + Travel


World Religions Unit Reflection

Backward – Looking What problems did you encounter while you were working on this piece? How did you solve them? Some of the main problems I found, revolved around the fact that I have never been to a MYP school… Continue Reading →

Unit 1 Reflection — Linnea Siukosaari

  Reading: Over all I am doing well and do not have specific things that I need to improve on. Reading is one of my major strengths. Writing: In my writing I am using new vocabulary and using a lot… Continue Reading →

Dating Show – October 11, 2016

Mis metas para el año

Esta año, mis objetivos son: Yo quiero ampliar mi vocabulario. Para hacer esto yo voy a: Leer más libros, y cada vez que hay palabras nuevos, voy a escribir los en mis notas con la traducción en inglés. Después yo… Continue Reading →

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