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Sekijun Reflectionwer?.,m v

My practice strategies are to practice every Wednesday after the activity for 30-40 minutes. After that I have piano practice so basically Wednesday is my music day. I think it is going well like this but I still need another… Continue Reading →

DRAGON DAYS REFLECTION   Designing our project was… Fun and interesting Reasons I liked working with my group Was that we talked a lot and worked as a team together. ATL skills that I used well Communication and Organization Great… Continue Reading →

8年生 「話し方はどうかな」 Summative task-1 名前 Theodore Sloan 教科書15ページにある気象情報の文章を音読する。 1分間で読めるように速度を調整する 緩急や強弱などの「話の表情」をつけて読むこと 漢字やひらがなを正しく読むこと 声量にも気を配ること 9月8日(木)のクラスこのTSCをコピーして、タイトルに自分の名前を書き入れてください。 録音して、そのリンク(Sound Cloudなど)を自分のブログに貼って、ブログのリンクをこのTSCに貼って、先生とシェアしてください。 評価 Criterion D: Using Language(8点) 1分か1分を少し超えるくらい 読みの正確さ 表情のつけ方(緩急や強弱、声量)、読みの滑らかさ 等 ブログのリンク 自己採点 7 点 生徒のコメント 声の大きさや、はっきり話すところはできていたと思いますが、ちょっと早かったかもしれないと今は思っています。 先生の採点               点 先生のコメント

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Living in Mars

Lots of people think of living on mars. Unfortunately on mars they don’t have lots of things that humans need to live. For example oxygen, water, food, gravity , pressure and many more. Today I would like to talk about… Continue Reading →

Urashima Taro

One day a young fisherman named Urashima Tarō is fishing when he notices a group of children torturing a small turtle. Tarō saves it and lets it to go back to the sea. The next day, a huge turtle approaches him and… Continue Reading →

Drama Informative Speech Reflection

In drama through the unit we had to make a speech and create a DIY TV show. Me and Andre planned and picked a topic of our desire. Our topic was informing mid aged parents to make a very easy… Continue Reading →

Drama Speech Reflection

Through out the speech, we had to focus on our modulation (pitch, volume,pause,projection empathising and inflection), we had to focus on the physical part of a speech ( posture, gesture, facial expression and the use of our palm cards and… Continue Reading →

Censorship Reflection

Censorship  is  when people restrict people from stuff and make them not able to watch, read, listen or just look. Some people say it is good censoring things and some say it should be our own decision to decide what… Continue Reading →

Chapter 6

Activity 1 1: doing dancing 2: At the morining or afternoon 3:  louvre,  zoo, patrick bruel concert 4: Eiffel, Sacré-Coeur, un Bateau-mouche 5: Watching a movie however they have different opinions about the type of movie they want to watch Activity 2:… Continue Reading →

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