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Grade 9

Emotional Management

Living in Mars

Lots of people think of living on mars. Unfortunately on mars they don’t have lots of things that humans need to live. For example oxygen, water, food, gravity , pressure and many more. Today I would like to talk about… Continue Reading →

Urashima Taro

One day a young fisherman named Urashima Tarō is fishing when he notices a group of children torturing a small turtle. Tarō saves it and lets it to go back to the sea. The next day, a huge turtle approaches him and… Continue Reading →

Drama Informative Speech Reflection

In drama through the unit we had to make a speech and create a DIY TV show. Me and Andre planned and picked a topic of our desire. Our topic was informing mid aged parents to make a very easy… Continue Reading →

Drama Speech Reflection

Through out the speech, we had to focus on our modulation (pitch, volume,pause,projection empathising and inflection), we had to focus on the physical part of a speech ( posture, gesture, facial expression and the use of our palm cards and… Continue Reading →

Censorship Reflection

Censorship  is  when people restrict people from stuff and make them not able to watch, read, listen or just look. Some people say it is good censoring things and some say it should be our own decision to decide what… Continue Reading →

Chapter 6

Activity 1 1: doing dancing 2: At the morining or afternoon 3:  louvre,  zoo, patrick bruel concert 4: Eiffel, Sacré-Coeur, un Bateau-mouche 5: Watching a movie however they have different opinions about the type of movie they want to watch Activity 2:… Continue Reading →

Music Reflection

I think that overall the performance went pretty well. Although I thought that the speed could have been a bit faster. I think we as the grade including me think that we didn’t practice that much so we could not… Continue Reading →

Mime Reflection

How successful was my staging of the mime scene? I think that oveall we staged people in good places. Some parts we had to walk in front of eachother but we usually stayed in one place with out backs looking… Continue Reading →

Silent Movie Analysis

Gestures: Charlie Chaplin: Chaplin was using many hand gestures to express his self without talking and some words. His gestures were clear so the audience knew what he was trying to show the woman. The first gesture he was doing… Continue Reading →

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