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Grade 6 ATLs – Communication Skills

Dragon Days | Reflection

Past 2 days, 7th and 8th graders worked on a project called the “Dragon Day”. We decided which kind of person? we are (for example Artists, principle and more). We were all in the group of 6 (everyone in your group… Continue Reading →


● ROKUDAN Performance Reflection ●

Heyy : )   https://drive.google.com/a/yis.ac.jp/file/d/0B_4xCi8gUbyyX3NDYmtKQVNpaEk/view?usp=sharing ^ click this link to see the video of us playing Rokudan:) The past few months I’ve been working on a piece called Rokudan (六段) in my music (Koto) class. On March 11th we had… Continue Reading →

Movie Rating in the U.S

In our English class, we were working on this little topic where we each (each group) get a topic to research about and make a presentation about it. Last class my group presented our presentation. Our topic is about Moving… Continue Reading →

who should decide..?

In English class, we have been discussing our opinions about “Who should decide what we are allowed to READ, VIEW or LISTEN”. We all had a different opinions about this, and in our writing time we all wrote a small… Continue Reading →

San Dan – Process/Practice Journal Part 1

In music class we are currently working on a piece called “Rokudan” . Here are my focus parts for rokudan. The technique in the first 1 and 2 measure of line 1. It was really hard for me to do… Continue Reading →

My Arrangement of Jupiter – Koto

In our music class we’ve been arranging a piece that we chose by ourselves and a piece I chose was, ジュピター (Jupiter). I chose this piece because last year, 7th grader played this is the concert and I really liked it… Continue Reading →

what 3 things I’m going to do ;)

Hi guys:) In tutor class we talked about different organization technique and this time chose “Pomodoro Technique” to organize myself and get done with my homework. Pomodoro Technique is a technique where you set a timer for 25-30 min and put… Continue Reading →

Elements and Compounds that are in our technology :)

Hello, in our school we use a lot of technologies such as iPad mini and Macbook. We use them a lot in our daily school life but do you guys know what elements and compounds are included in them? In… Continue Reading →

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