As a member of GIN Chiku group, I went to a morning visit to the Chiku center on Friday, the 23rd of February. The Chiku center that is close from our school serves lunch for the homeless people in the area, every Friday. As a group, we have several visit throughout the year and this was the second time I went. During the morning, we mainly wash the vegetables, cut them and prepare for lunch that is served there.

The purpose of this visit was to help prepare lunch that was going to be served that day, as well as to learn more about the homeless people in that area so that we could take further action as a Chiku group.

At the end of the visit, I got a chance to talk to one of the organisers and according to him, the number of people who come to eat changes depending on the time of them month. He mentioned how the homeless people get their income at the beginning of the month and so the number only about 100 to 150 people come and have lunch during the first Friday of a month. However as the time passes, people end up using all their money and therefore, by the last Friday of the month, the number of people doubles to about 200 to 250 people. Other than that, he told us how he needed more processed food for flavouring food.

From the information I got, I think that our group should work towards delivering more food resources to the center, so that they have enough to serve everyone who visit there. To do so, we started planning about how we can visit a supermarket and ask them to share the leftover and unspoilt food for free, which could be sent to the center so that it can be used to cook.