Unit 1 Reflection

This unit was very interesting and thanks to the test i saw what were my weakness and my strength. Something that I need to improve is my conjugation and the way that I am going to improve my conjugation is that every night or 3 night in a week I showed chose two to three verbs and conjugate it to all of the tens. Another weakness that I have is that when I start to right something I get confused and I don’t structure my sentences and my text gets messy and then we can’t read what I have wrote because it is messy and wi don’t get the point of the story, to make that change I will read a book in Spanish every day for 10 to 15 minutes to improve my text structure. Another weakness that I have is that I am not very good in grammar and it is very important if you want to be good at Spanish to improve my grammar I will do a bit of quizlet every night and so improve my grammar.  One of my strength is that I am very good in speaking in Spanish because every day or 3 i listen some videos in Spanish, watch movies and speak a bit to my dad in Spanish. Another strength that I have is that I learn very fast another language and that I am very interested in it. I really look forward for the fallowing of the year and improve myself in Spanish because it is a lovely language and also because my father is fluent in Spanish but most of all is because Spanish is easy for a french to learn and also because I like the Spanish speaking countries and I go most of my time during summer in Spain and I really want to improve my Spanish to be good at it and use it latter in my life.

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