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Grade 8 Portfolio


I think I am good at communication because I can speak four languages. I am currently speaking English, French, Spanish and Japanese. I am still learning Spanish and Japanese. I believe that communication is one of my strong ATL skills and that I should keep it up and improve the one’s that I am week at. I choose to talk about English where we did creative writing on poetry and PE where we did handball skills and our presentation.



I’m a student that is organized and I never get messed up in my things I also reflect a lot of what I did today on the work I did and things that I could improve. I believe that self-management is also one of my strong strength and that I should keep it up like that, I would relate this ATL skill to music and art because you need to be very aware of what you are doing. Most of the work that we do is alone and is very important because it reflects how you are capable of doing something without the help of others.


I think that I am good at socializing with others especially in design and drama because in those two subjects you work a lot with different people you try and see a different perspective of the activity we are doing. We also do group work and we should not be afraid to work with boys and they are not going to eat us. In those two subjects, my grades are good but I think that if I did a bit more of socializing mostly with boys things could change.


I think that I am good but could improve my thinking ATL skill in math and science because those subjects are a bit hard for me and I need to improve them to get good grades. I think that math I need to look more at the formulas and memorizing and doing the worksheet, for science I that I have to study hard and learn formulas to understand the work of science and how different components work.


I think I should improve my research skills in I&S because I feel that they ar every poor and that if ai am very focused and into the project or research my work could be also really good and really interesting to read, this would show that the work I did is really important and that it is useful.


Goal 1:

My first goal is to be able to improve my research skills in I&S so my project means a lot and I can improve my grade. To make that happen I will read a more in English and when I am doing my research I should ask Mr.Hutton or other students what they think of my work.

Goal 2:

My second goal is to improve my grades in Math and Science because later on, I would like to be a doctor and those two subjects are important. To make that happen I will study hard those two subjects and make more work and study time. I hope this will pay and in semester two I will get better grades.

Goal 3:

My third and last goal are to be able to improve my thinking skills in most of the subjects because thinking is the really important thing because without this you would be dumb. But mostly it is to develop new vocabulary and things to say not make mistakes in your work. To make that happen I shouold talk mor with other people and ask them what they think of what I say of belive,

Thank you for coming and listening to my Student Led conference and I hope that you understood what I did in semester one and that I will improve the best as I can my grades to be a great student. Hope you enjoyed my presentation of my work.