March 2017 archive

Unit 3 Reflection

1) What we have learned this unit is relevant to me in French and English because those are the languages I speak but also because were learned the past tense in Spanish and I already knew it from English and French. It is also connected to I&S because we are doing a bit history about other countries and spreading a thing from countries to another one, this relates to Spanish because we are researching about a Spanish-speaking country.\

2) Reflexive with past tense and commands are the key words.

3) What we have learned this unit has a moral which is past tense is not very easy but when you study hard it becomes easier but also learns your terminations meaning your -ar verbs ending and -er/-ir. Also, commands are important because, without it, our parents wouldn’t tell us what to do.

4) During this learning experience, i felt great and happy because we learned new things by doing fun activities, for example, listening to music and filing the text, doing some quizlet live and other fun activities.

5) For a bonus, i want to add a Wordle just because it’s fun.