Phase 2 Reflection

I am most proud of the amount of vocabulary that I have learned this year in phase 2 plus also the new tenses because I had struggled with it.I consider myself a Spanish-speaker yes but not fluent because I still need to practice my Spanish from the tense when to conjugate it and also how you formulate good sentences, but the most important is that I can write correctly in Spanish and that is something that I need to improve in phases 3 and that I could work during the summer like I am going to Spain and my dad speaks Spanish too. If I could take the course one more time I would like to have better-organized notes so it’s easy for me too find it and memorize my work but also I would like too improve my work and do more at home because I know it could help me in my grades. My first action for phase 3 is too have organized notes, second is to study more my work, third I need to take quizzes and read books in Spanish.

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