Nature VS Nurtur

The debate between nature and nurture is important because some traits of you are very unique because you were born with those traits but others may bean created when you were little by the society and how your parents raised you as a child. We looked at the study of doctor Hines on monkeys playing with those such as cars or dolls if there were a boy or a girl and the Cambridge study of a girl being dressed as a boy and vice Versa and having some adults playing with the kids and seeing what toys they were going to give to the child depending on the colour that he/she was wearing.


What was shown in the Cambridge study it’s that adults give toys to kids depending on the colour that they are wearing but it is important if you let a child chose what toys they want to play with because it creates their own choices and likes, because if you force a child to like one thing then when they grow up they will not make the difference between liking and having to like. Then on the study of the Doctor Hines, we could see from the video that the small monkeys were more attracted to the toys that were able to move like trucks, cars and helicopters but the girls were more attracted to the dolls. This shows us that our ancestors were already differentiated by their gender. Ladies were taking care of the babies and making food, and boys were playing and hunting.


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