February 2018 archive

Expedition refection

During our stay in Nigata, we went on a journey in the forest and mountains to explore the outdoor world and nature. During our Trip, we were all having to do something to be participating in the community and helping around. We made that happen by carrying our tents as we were in groups of 4, collaborating when someone was in a hard situation, cooking for the whole grade 9 community. During my tripe, i was able to understand better how the natural environment is important for us humans because without it our lives would be different. After our journey in the wild, we went back to base and were able to take a nice shower and have some food. In the afternoon we all had the choice of activities we wanted to participate in. I chose bouldering which was very fun and interesting because you had to make your body work in different ways, such as your arms to support your body and legs to move up. During this trip, I was able to open my thinking on the natural environment and its wilderness, it changed me by the things that I do in my everyday life such as the food that i can waste and the way we don’t properly take care of plants and trees because their our way if living, without that we would all die. I hope that next years expedition will bring me even more understanding and thoughtful information for my future.