I am french. I am able to also speak English and Spanish. I think that my multilingualism has grown since I was 6 as I was going to the French school of Jakarta but also following the bilingual system so that I could study English. My father on the other is fluent in Spanish and thought me from the age of 10 some Spanish. I also usually go to Spain for summer and I am able to communicate with people as I am daily in a fluent environment. When I entered middle school I increased my Spanish as I was able to make it to the Spanish class. Compared to the other students I have an advantage in Spanish as I’m french, Spanish has latin roots so for me it’s easy to understand Spanish. On the other hand for English, I was exposed to it at a very young age so I was able to make my speaking, writing, and understanding better since the beginning. I also think that my multilingualism improved when I changed curriculum going from a French school to an international school changed a lot of things. Teachers were different but also the language as I was all day long in an English environment making my skills improve. I am a very persistent student and when I want something to be reached or down to the perfection I do it so it’s the same for languages. I will keep learning more as it could help me in the future my studies and jobs. In Spanish, i had to translate a story into English and my teacher said that it was the best one and also in French, i have translate work into English so my understanding grows. I can prove these with pictures of my translation and also of my level of language by making a video speaking in these three languages and also comparing translating. Multilingualism is very important because the most languages you know the more it could help you in your future life as an adult and it would open more doors for you. I am glad to know these languages, When I have fully mastered Spanish as I am still learning it would likely o lear either Arabic or Japanese as those remain languages and when you master those ones you are able to make many different things.


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