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I am french. I am able to also speak English and Spanish. I think that my multilingualism has grown since I was 6 as I was going to the French school of Jakarta but also following the bilingual system so that I could study English. My father on the other is fluent in Spanish and thought me from the age of 10 some Spanish. I also usually go to Spain for summer and I am able to communicate with people as I am daily in a fluent environment. When I entered middle school I increased my Spanish as I was able to make it to the Spanish class. Compared to the other students I have an advantage in Spanish as I’m french, Spanish has latin roots so for me it’s easy to understand Spanish. On the other hand for English, I was exposed to it at a very young age so I was able to make my speaking, writing, and understanding better since the beginning. I also think that my multilingualism improved when I changed curriculum going from a French school to an international school changed a lot of things. Teachers were different but also the language as I was all day long in an English environment making my skills improve. I am a very persistent student and when I want something to be reached or down to the perfection I do it so it’s the same for languages. I will keep learning more as it could help me in the future my studies and jobs. In Spanish, i had to translate a story into English and my teacher said that it was the best one and also in French, i have translate work into English so my understanding grows. I can prove these with pictures of my translation and also of my level of language by making a video speaking in these three languages and also comparing translating. Multilingualism is very important because the most languages you know the more it could help you in your future life as an adult and it would open more doors for you. I am glad to know these languages, When I have fully mastered Spanish as I am still learning it would likely o lear either Arabic or Japanese as those remain languages and when you master those ones you are able to make many different things.


Phase 2 Reflection

I am most proud of the amount of vocabulary that I have learned this year in phase 2 plus also the new tenses because I had struggled with it.I consider myself a Spanish-speaker yes but not fluent because I still need to practice my Spanish from the tense when to conjugate it and also how you formulate good sentences, but the most important is that I can write correctly in Spanish and that is something that I need to improve in phases 3 and that I could work during the summer like I am going to Spain and my dad speaks Spanish too. If I could take the course one more time I would like to have better-organized notes so it’s easy for me too find it and memorize my work but also I would like too improve my work and do more at home because I know it could help me in my grades. My first action for phase 3 is too have organized notes, second is to study more my work, third I need to take quizzes and read books in Spanish.

Unit 3 Reflection

1) What we have learned this unit is relevant to me in French and English because those are the languages I speak but also because were learned the past tense in Spanish and I already knew it from English and French. It is also connected to I&S because we are doing a bit history about other countries and spreading a thing from countries to another one, this relates to Spanish because we are researching about a Spanish-speaking country.\

2) Reflexive with past tense and commands are the key words.

3) What we have learned this unit has a moral which is past tense is not very easy but when you study hard it becomes easier but also learns your terminations meaning your -ar verbs ending and -er/-ir. Also, commands are important because, without it, our parents wouldn’t tell us what to do.

4) During this learning experience, i felt great and happy because we learned new things by doing fun activities, for example, listening to music and filing the text, doing some quizlet live and other fun activities.

5) For a bonus, i want to add a Wordle just because it’s fun.

Spanish Letter


Letter 1

Tokyo, El primero de septiembre dos mil dieciséis

Hola my nombre es Mathilde, yo tengo trece años, mi cumpleaños es el nueve de septiembre es muy pronto. Yo no lo sé que voy a conseguir por mi cumpleaños. Estoy muy feliz de verte en Japón que me enseñe más sobre español. Creo que es genial para conocer a un estudiante de intercambio de un país habla español. Soy una chica muy juguetona y me gusta mucho nadar sobre todo porque le permite relajarse de su ira, también me gusta correr porque el funcionamiento de su cerebro recibe tranquilo y listo para cosas nuevas. Mis aficiones están bailar en su mayoría y jugar juegos de cartas o cualquier tipo. En mi familia nosotros somos cinco Mi padre Pierre-Jean quien es cuarenta y tres años, mi madre Celine quien es cuarenta y uno, yo soy la mejor, mi hermano Lazare quien es diez años y mi menor hermano y Horace quien es tres años. Mi familia es muy feliz de recibirlos tu en nuestra casa. Yo soy muy contenta que tú vien a visitar el japon.

Mirado en la palabra:

Exchange student = estudiante de intercambio                              Playful = juguetona

Letter 2

                                                                Tokyo, Nueve de septiembre


Mi nombre es Mathilde, yo tengo trece años, mi cumpleaños es ahora, yo soy muy contenta. Yo no se que vamos a hacer por me cumpleaños. Estoy muy feliz de verte en Japón por me enseña más el español. Yo creo que es genial de conocer un estudiante de intercambio de un país de habla español.

Yo soy una chica muy juguetona y me gusta mucho nadar sobre todo porque le permite de relajase de su ira, también me gusta mucho correr porque el funcionamiento de su cerebro es muy tranquillo después de correr. Mis oficinas favorito son bailar y jugare de cartas y todos los juegos, yo mucho gusto los juegos cuando nosotros tenemos a pensar y contar. Por ejemplo el juego de Cluedo, Monopoly y otras mas.

En mi familia nosotros somos cinco, mi padre Pierre-jean es cuarenta y tres años y le gusta es trabajo quien es un hombre de negocios, mi madre Celine es cuarenta y uno y ella le gusta correr y cantar, yo soy la mejor de mi hermanos, mi hermano Lazare es el medio el es diez años y le gusta los video juegos y bailar, mi menoría hermano es Horace y el es tres años el le gusta dibujo. Mi familia es muy feliz de recibirlos tu en nuestra casa.

Mirado en la palabra:

Exchange student = estudiante de intercambio                     Playful = juguetona                                                                 Business man = hombre de negocios

Spanish Goals

This year in Spanish for my first goal I would like to improve my vocabulary because I feel that it is very poor and i would like to have a good level to have Spanish when I am going to take the IB. To improve my vocabulary I would do 10 to 15 minutes of quizzlet every night so I could improve my vocabulary. My second goal is to be able to well structure text’’s and have a good grammar and good words to make the text more interesting and in a higher level, to make that happen I would read more in Spanish. My third goal is to be able to well conjugate in Spanish and use the good conjugation for each verb and time because if I have understand this than it means that I am supper in Spanish, to make that happen I will go on one of the conjugation site and practice this every night 10 to 15 minutes. For my forth goal I would like also to improve my strength with verb’s and adjectives that we do when we go in a circle because it is useful, to make that happen I will go on one of the site on the blog for the verb’s and adjectives for 10 minutes each day. This are the four goals that i want to be able to achieve during this year in Spanish and I will do all of my possible to do my best.

Reflection of my goals in September:

My first goal for this year was to be able to improve my vocabulary and it improved a lot because know in my vocabulary I have 35 new words. To make that happen I did some quizzlet and read in Spanish some of the words came from class also. My other goals went very well and to make that happen I followed what I had to do like to do more of conjugation on a site.

Spanish Week 3 Video

Hi today in Spanish we had to do a video of us talking about nothing and every thing and we were not aloud to have a script it was fun but i had to retry some times because i did stupid mistakes. It was a fun experience, my video is 3 minutes and 10 seconds and were supposed to be talking fro two minutes.

You can find my video here: