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In Individuals and Societies we had to choose a Biomes and create a house that has adapted to its biome in various ways. Afterwards we had to build this house in Minecraft.

I decided to choose the taiga biome. This Biome is covered with forests and lakes. The only difference between a normal forests and Taiga is because of its arctic climate. It has long, icy, cold winters and short wet summers. Even though the summers are wet the taiga biome is actually the second driest biome after the dessert biome dessert. Most taiga forest are found in the northern part of the globe. The biggest taiga forest is found in Russia. The taiga biome has a small diversity of plants and animals due to its arctic climate. The main plants that grow in this biome are evergreen trees and small bushes that grow berries. These bushes are limited due to the short growing season of threes months. The only animals that can live in this cold climate are the animals that have been able to adapt by growing thick furs but the main adaptation they need too have is camaflouge to hide for the predators such as bears and wolves. There for most animals have thick furs that are coloured brown to match the tress or white to match the snow. Overall this biome can be a hard place to live for animals but for people it is even harder.

The amount of people that actually live in a Taiga forest is limited, especially in the past. But the few people that did live there had found special ways to adapt there homes and themselves to the taiga forests. When they would start building their huts they would start of for looking for a small open space but still covered in trees to be hidden away form the predators and have some shelter from the snow.  All huts where made from logs that they found in the forests. The huts where made as small as possible and with limited amount of doors and windows to be able to keep the hut as warm as possible during the long cold winters.  Every single part of the huts where specially designed to adapt to the forest. Even the roof aaas designed that on side was diagonal and the other side straight down to prevent staying on the roof and maybe making it collapse because of the weight. This danger is so series that on the inside the even put big logs to hold up the roof. In the roof there was always a small hole to let out the smoke when they made a fire to heat up the hut or cook.

The hut that I built in Minecraft was a small hut made out of wood. There is one door and a small window to let in some light when a fire does not provide enough. The roof is diagonal on one side and straight down on the other to let the snow drop off and not collapse the roof. On the inside there is one big log holding the roof up because of the snow but also because ether had no things such as nails. There is some wool that is used as a bed since it was not possible to make any real beds but the wool still keeps warmth. In the roof there is a small hole to let the smoke out when there is a fire being used for light or heat. This is what the result looks like:

2015-01-19_12.19.59                     2015-01-19_12.22.08








My Plan:

Photo on 1-19-15 at 12.30 PM



Overall Reflection:

I really enjoyed this project mainly because you actually get to build it. There are many projects were you design things but here you can actually build it in a fun way. I think using Minacraft was a very good idea since it really shows the biome in a realistic way. It has all the features and all the materials needed, it is really the best way to show how a house matches its environment and how it has adapted.

21verschoofs • January 20, 2015

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  1. Calvin Online February 19, 2015 - 4:06 pm Reply

    こんにちは I’m Calvin, and I love Minecraft! By the way your house is so cool, it’s AMAZING! Come and visit my blog at

    • 21verschoofs February 24, 2015 - 1:33 am Reply

      Thanks, I checked out your blog and it has some very interesting posts. It also looks super cool!

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