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Creating the Solution Reflection

The Creating the solution is the part where we get too use everything we have learned and researched about so far to make our blog our dream blog, to perfect our blog completely. This unit went by like lightning (just like my design teacher Ms.Coffino said.) Even though the short time my blog now has…

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Kit Kat Cake Recipe

    Ingriedents: Cake: -chocolate cake mix or an homemade cake with your own recipe This is the mix I used:   Icing: -50g dark chocolate -200g icing sugar -1 tsp vanilla extract -milk (just in case too loosen up) Decoration: -at least 6 m&m packets (it depends on how much you perfer) – 2…

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Developing Ideas Reflection

Only about week ago we started the Developing ideas part of the the design cycle and now we have already finished it. Even though it was such a short time period I have been able to learn many things. I have been able to learn more about how to express myself into my blog and…

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