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Art Critique

In art we learned about motifs,patterns and designs that were interlocking. As a class we all individually got the task to create an interlocking motif for our chosen use. As a designer at first I had no idea whatsoever on what to do. All I knew was that my design would probably serve the purpose…

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Teacher of the Future: Inquiring and Analysing Reflection

In design class we started a new unit, teachers of the future. This unit is all about tutorials. I find this unit really interesting and important because as the unit title said in the future probably the main source of learning will become tutorials. Everything is being modified to become more modern, it won’t be…

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My Favourite Tutorial

In my opinion the best tutorial too watch was “How to make a brownie pizza” To me this tutorial had most of the things I thought made  a good tutorial. It is a tutorial that got too the point, shows you how to do the thing you wanted to learn because after all that is the…

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