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Express Yourself Portrait Painting: Art Critique

In our current and last art unit called Express Yourself portrait painting we are making a portrait that does not need to show any resemblance the subject of your painting withe looks but it has to show an idea about the subject through many different elements. Such as an emotion through color, an experience through…

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Creating the Solution Reflection: Making the Tutorial

  Feedback on my Tutorial: Loading…   The Creating the Solution stage of the Design Cycle is where everything comes together. All the knowledge I have gained, all the research I have done, all the plans made, all come together to make the big final project, in this case it was too make our own…

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Teacher of the Future: Developing Ideas Reflection

We have just finished the second stage of the new unit teachers of the future. The developing stage where we start to use the information have learned to create something ourselves. I am really excited to be allowed to make my own tutorial that I believe is the perfect tutorial. When watching tutorial throughout this…

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