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Mime Door Scene

In Drama Class we had to create a mime door scene with a partner in which the 2 of us are separated by the odd and we are not abel to open this door. Me and my partner created a scene were I was the mother and she was my young Daughter. I am cooking…

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The One School Project

Th one school project is a chance for the 7th and 8th graders to come up with an idea that bring the whole entire school together such as an event. WE did is in small groups from people from both grades. I was in a group with James, Imtiaz. Sayo and Grace. tOgether called the…

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¿Cómo Eres?

Me llamo Sophie Verschoof. Yo soy de Amsterdam, en Holanda pero ahora yo vivo en Yokohama en Japón. Yo vivo en Japón para mi papa trabajo. Yo es estudiante la escuela internacional. Yo voy la escuela de YIS. Me gusta mucho vivir en Japón porque es muy divertida y  porque más  de mi mejor amigos…

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Science Motion Graphs

In science class we used motion detectors to create graphs about motion here are the results: A Zig Zag Graph with no Correlation  (Position vs Time) To create a graph like this you had to move away and towards from the morion detector various times at different speeds. This graph has no correlation since the two…

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Silent movie Analysis

In drama class we  made an analysis on a silent movie based on their action, facial expressions and postures.   The movie:     The Analysis:

First time with our iPads

We just received our iPad minis. We are exploring the new world of iPads such as using the app word press.   

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