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La Comida Unit: 3 Things I am most proud of

For me de spanish food unit has been great unit for me it has given me a lot of opportunities fro me too improve  my Spanish skills . I have worked hard on seance structures, conjugations, gustar like verbs, speaking in Spanish, adjectives and food vocabulary. For me the three things I am most proud…

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A Dutch Fable: Holle Bolle Gijs (Hubby Chubby Gus)

Hubby Chubby Gus  Main Plot Points:   -In a Kingdom a king and his generals are able to solve all problems except for a paper littler problem that has bene going on for years -A new problem appears that a citizen has a problem were he cant stop eating it get sos extreme that he…

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Live Spanish Conversation

In spanish class we made a Spanish conversation without planning and here are the results:

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