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La Comida Unit: 3 Things I am most proud of

For me de spanish food unit has been great unit for me it has given me a lot of opportunities fro me too improve ┬ámy Spanish skills . I have worked hard on seance structures, conjugations, gustar like verbs, speaking in Spanish, adjectives and food vocabulary. For me the three things I am most proud of is my speaking skills. i think I have improved a lot on pronunciation and that I am now able to speak fluently and full of confidence. A skill that cost me time with I am now really proud of. Another thing I am really proud of is my gustar like conduction. i have always felt comfortable with normal conjugation yet the gustar like troubled me a bit. now I can do it without problems an feel comfortable when using them. my last thing I am really proud of is my sentence making skills. I used too just make simple basic sentences but now i can make complicated sentences that are interesting and special. I am proud of it because it feels like I can’t actually speak Spanish and express my thoughts.

21verschoofs • December 15, 2015

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  1. Sra. Hill December 17, 2015 - 1:33 am Reply

    Keep up the great work, Soph!

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