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How the Industrial Revolution Changed the World?

  The industrial revolution is the base of what our lives are like today. Everything has somehow been influenced by the industrial revolution. Without it our lives would have been difficult. If t wasn’t for all of the new inventions that were created during that time such as the seed drill, the spinning jenny and…

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¿Quien soy?

Me llamo Sophie mi apellido es Verschoof. Yo soy Holandés pero yo vivo en Japón. Yo soy una estudiante de la escuela de YIS. Me fascina YIS porque los profesores y estudiantes  son muy simpáticos. También yo tengo  muchos amigos en las escuela de YIS. Mis amigos son muy cómicos, atléticos y inteligentes. También yo…

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What Caused the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution has affected the world we live in today, it has created this world but what caused the industrial revolution, what started it. Before the  Industrial Revolution, life was based completely around farming since at that time this was the key to life,until agricultural production was introduced, the start of the industrial revolution….

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