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Spanish: Unit 3 Reflection

In Unit three, la familia, I feel that i have learned many new skills and vocabulary whilst still being able to practice and use the previous skills. This unit for me really focused on the new vocal with which I can make more complex sentence structures. The three most important things and skills I have learned in this unit to me are; comparisons ( similarities and differences),  sentence connectors ( sin embargo and aunque for example), and  possessive pronouns (nuestro for example.) These are skills for me have really improved my Spanish skills and are things I want to use throughout the next units. Remaining question that I still continue to have are; I know that there are some techniques to know if words have accent (for example when conjunction) but for the remaining are there different tricks to know when a accent is needed?  When describing family member in Spanish or talking to them that are older tan you do you have to use formal words (like usted for example)? Throughout this unit I found my study habits and the new notes system I took very useful and they helped me learn new vocabulary and Spanish skills easier and faster. Overall this was a really good unit for me with some good challenges with many new skills that I have been able to learn.

21verschoofs • March 14, 2016

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  1. Sra. Hill March 17, 2016 - 4:46 am Reply

    Glad that you are feeling stronger in your study habits. You only speak in the formal form when you are directly addressing that person.

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