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My Goals for Spanish 2016-17

For the  coming school year in Spanish Class there are some goals that I want to fulfil to improve my Spanish learning.

I want to start practicing my Spanish more often on a regular basis in a way that I use it in context and not just as studying. I wanna do this through reading simple Spanish stories/books. I want to read on story or part of a book every night so that I can not only practice my reading comprehension skills but also so that i can see the things that we are and have learned in context.Finding books and stories that are actaully on my level can be hard so therefore I will also study ore using the work pack texts. Another way might be through songs since it is more fun and interesting to do. This way it will be more tempting for me to actually do it since it is interesting. I also think this can help remember Spanish that i am struggling with better since I am practicing it.

I want to be more organised in terms of taking my notes. Towards the end of last year I started doing is in order to help me easily review notes when studying. I want to take rough simple notes during class and then at hometo also help me study I will take at least 20 minutes to  re write the notes in a organised manner with clear titles, explanation and examples for example. I also want to split up the notes between verbs, adjectives, nouns, grammar and more. tHis will help me remember the Spanish better but also allows me to quickly review what we have larned easily.

I also want to work on my pronunciation of words since I know certain words are fine but there are also words that I struggle with such as saying words with the J or R. I want to this by during my study time taking atleast five minutes to just repeat the hard words several times and if I still struggle use the internet to see what it should sound like or ask someone who I know speaks fluent Spanish. I want to keep up practicing challeninging words and sounds so that I am able to talk Spanish properly and fluently.

21verschoofs • August 26, 2016

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  1. Sra. Hill August 29, 2016 - 1:21 am Reply

    A great way to work on your pronunciation is to sing songs in Spanish. Find a few bands you like, print out the lyrics and sing along!

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