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Spanish Unit 1 Reflection

Throughout this unit we did a lot of review on previous things we had learned in phase one. This allowed me to go back and perfect the things I was having trouble with, it allowed me to really perfect some of my skills such as reflective verbs and stem changing verbs.  I believe my strongest points are reading and writing. This is since I feel confident in learning vocabulary and grammar. tHis allows me to us this grammar and vocabulary that I learned in my written task and to also the risks and use as much of this new vocabulary and grammar possible.  Since I know my grammar and vocabulary I am also able to understand sentences and pieces of text with any troubles. my weaker points however are listening and speaking. Listening is sometimes really fast and it is hard to always be able to pick out the  pieces of information that you need to be able to answer the question. I believe that oral has always been a bit harder than the other three skills but  I am improving. My pronunciation is getting better and I am able to talk fluently and create sentences that make sense however at times I sometime get a bit overwhelmed since you have to talk on the spot.

I want to improve my speaking skills throughout the rest of the semester so that I don’t get overwhelmed anymore, so that I can confidently speak Spanish and have a Spanish conversation. To do so I want to talk Spanish with Spanish speaking friends in and outside of class. it doesn’t have to constant but at time times I do want to do this. This will also allow me to practice my listening skills. Another technique to hep me improve my listening skills that I have bene trying throughout this first unit but did not really use that much is listening to Spanish songs. I want to this more often like once a week to help me improve my listening skills. I also want to improve on my Spanish spelling, specifically accent use. I have improved throughout this unit but i wish to improve more throughout the rest of this semester. I want to continue to challenge myself by always using new vocabulary in grammar on task since this helps me develop my Spanish skills a lot.

Overall this was  great unit for me to focus on grammar and vocabulary that I have had trouble with or did not quite understand. It allowed me to practice the so that I now completely know how to use the.  I feel that I was able to learn a lot about this unit and now I want to focus on perfecting the things that I still struggle with.





21verschoofs • November 1, 2016

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