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Unit 3 Reflection

Throughout this third unit all our learning revolved about the preterite tense. Here is my reflection on this unit.


What are 7 ways what you learned is like Harry Potter, Star Wars, or another movie of your choice?

  1. Details that seem small end up being very important: when learning the preterit tense you learn about where the accents go and this seems unimportant, however later on it becomes clear that it is very important to know when to use accents or not since this can make the difference between a verb being in present or past tense. This is similar to all the characters in Harry potter who you think in the first movie are just random people who also happened to go to Hogwarts however by the last movie they play a major role in the movie.
  2. Everything fits together: When learning the preterite tense you can use all of your previous learning about the present tense verb conjugation, all you knowledge click together. Similarly to how in Harry Potter at first the separate movies and stories seem unconnected but towards the last movie everything gets brought together.
  3. Confusion: When learning the preterite tense initially it aims all very confusing since you get messed dup with the previous knowledge on normal present tense conjugation. Similairy to the harry potter moves where all the back stories of the characters are just too hard to follow.
  4. You need to study to be able to do it: When learning the preterite tense, and all of the pronouns it is peccary to study it and works hard to actually be able to sue it and understand it. Similarly to how in all Harry Potter movies that charters must learn their spells.
  5. Once you think you have fully gotten it something new is thrown at you: When learning about the preterite tense in specific there are many different rules. As soon as you understood one and felt confident a new one that you still had to learn would appear. In the harry potter movies every time they beet the bad guy or solved the problem a new problem would only start agin in the next movie.
  6. It’s always easier than you think : When learning about all the new preterite tense conjugations and about the different types of pronouns intentionally it seems overwhelming but I soon notice I have all the knowledge I need to understand it and do it form previous units. Similarly to  how the problem in the Harry potter moves always seems unsolvable but the solution ends up being very easy and straight forward.
  7. Everything that happens is used later one: All of the things i learned through this unit (preterite tense, past tense vocabulary etc.) are all major pieces of Spanish that can be used to create actual conversations  in daily basis past tense is mainly used compared to present tense. Similar to how in Harry Potter everything that has hap happened before comes back to the characters  late on somehow.
    Use a metaphor and a simile to describe the preterite and/or the direct/indirect/reflexive pronouns. Learning how to use the preterite the preterite / the direct/indirect/reflexive pronouns is like learning how to tie a shoelace, it seems tricky  and unnecessary at first but towards the end you can do it without any trouble and you realize you use it everyday.
     How is what you have learned relevant to other classes/material you are learning?
    Everything that we have learned throughout this unit is relevant to other material in Spanish class. The preterite conjugation rules link back to the present conjugation rules, the pronouns lead back to previous learning on reflexive verbs for example and so on. This helps me to be able to continuously praise previous learning to ensure that I keep it at the same level but it also helps me to understand my new learning since it is not completely new.
    Write down key words from your learning. Arrange them into a poem.
    Keywords from this unit: Preterite,vocabulary,pronouns,practice,connect,use,similair,important,written,spoken,,proir knowledge, study, learn, new ,old                                                                                                                                                           Poem:Use the old.

    Learn the new.

    preterite, pronouns vocabulary.

    connect the similar.

    It is important

    written and Spoken

    to study

    to use.


21verschoofs • March 5, 2017

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