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Spanish Phase 2 Reflection

With the end of this school year approaching so is the end of my learning in Spanish phase two. Throughout this unit I was really able to further develop my Spanish skills through learning many different verb tenses grammar and vocabulary to the point where I felt that I could comfortable talk in Spanish conversations. being able to learn so much in just one case is something that I am most proud of but it is always what makes me consider myself as a spanish speaker. Seeing that I can now fully be apart of spans conversations, comfortably talking, feeling that I could be abel to say anything. I believe that the ability of someone to be able to engage in a full on Spanish conversation is what makes me a Spanish speaker. If I were to take this course again I would make sure to always study everything and not just what I am learning in the class at that moment. Even though in the end I feel that i was able to master most of what we had learned,  there were moments were I forgot certain things, which I think could have bene prevented and made Spanish easier for me if I made sure to aways review everything and not just what we war learning in the class at that moment. Three things that I want to do to ensure that I am prepared for next year are:

  1. Create one collection of notes on everything I have learning throughout phase and one and two (to easily look back to during phase three)
  2. To go back and study/practice anything I still had difficulties or problems with from phase one and 2
  3. Create some type of resource list for myself to go back to if i am ever stuck with some things ( this list can include things like vocabulary lists, quiz let sets, Spanish dict etc.)

Overall I am very proud of my accomplishment in Spanish class through phase 2, and I hope to continue my progress throughout phase 3.

21verschoofs • June 13, 2017

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