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Puppet Show:Reflection

  The past drama unit was puppetry. As final project we had to create a puppetshow in a group on a folktale. My group created a puppet show on the dutch folktale Hubby Chubby Gus (holle bolle gijs.) In this puppet show I played and made the puppets the chef and General Jeffrey. Managing a…

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A Dutch Fable: Holle Bolle Gijs (Hubby Chubby Gus)

Hubby Chubby Gus  Main Plot Points:   -In a Kingdom a king and his generals are able to solve all problems except for a paper littler problem that has bene going on for years -A new problem appears that a citizen has a problem were he cant stop eating it get sos extreme that he…

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DIY TV Program

In drama thought our public speaking unit we had to make a speech and later on create our own live DIY TV Program. We worked in group of 2 were we planned our whole show on a topic of our desire. 7A Drama: DIY TV Program01 from YIS Arts on Vimeo. For this project I…

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Speech Reflection

In Drama Class we learned about creating speeches, how to create eye contact, project your voice and more such thing related to the topic. I chose to create my speech about What I would do If I were famous. 7A Drama: Speech17 from YIS Arts on Vimeo. Through out the speech we had to focus…

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Airplane Mime Scene Reflection

  In drama class we had to create a mime scene with a group of 3-5. My group and I created a mime scene in which we are on a plane that starts to crash. our scene is called flight 206. There are 4 passengers in the scene all with their own unique and recognisable…

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Mime Door Scene

In Drama Class we had to create a mime door scene with a partner in which the 2 of us are separated by the odd and we are not abel to open this door. Me and my partner created a scene were I was the mother and she was my young Daughter. I am cooking…

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Silent movie Analysis

In drama class we  made an analysis on a silent movie based on their action, facial expressions and postures.   The movie:     The Analysis:

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